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Dereksha is a football fan from Ukraine who loves football and has a passion for the game of the English Premier League. He started to follow the English football only a few years ago, but has always been a fan of the Premier League since he was a child.
Derek is a passionate football fan who always wants to learn more about the English game. He is a fan and a writer of the Ukrainian football and lives in Ukraine.
You can follow his personal updates on the website of sports statistics. Here, you can find the latest information about the Premier league, as well as other national championships of the world.

The FA Cup is one of the most important competitions in the football world. It is a competition between the teams that have won the national championship. The winner of the tournament is awarded with the title of the champion of England.
The tournament is held every year, and the winner is determined by a series of matches. The FA Cup has always had a special place in the history of the competition. The first winners of the trophy were:
* Blackburn Rovers;
* Chelsea;
* Manchester United.
It is also worth noting that the first winners were not English, but from the Netherlands.
In the last few years, the FA Cup was the main rival of the Champions League. In the past few years the Champions have won it, but the FA cup has always won the first prize.
Now, the main rivals of the FA are the Europa League and the National League. The Europa League is a tournament held every few years. The main participants of the Europa are the best teams from the countries of the European Union.
However, the National Leagues are the main tournaments of the national championships. The winners of them are awarded with a place in European competitions. The most recent winners of this tournament were:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
and * Tottenham Hotspurs.
Both the Premier and Europa Leagues have their own fans. The Premier League has a special fan base, and it is worth noting the following:
1. The fans are passionate.
2. The clubs have a large number of stars.
3. The stadiums are large.
4. The teams have a good selection of players.
5. The players have a high level of motivation.
6. The matches are played in front of a large audience.
7. The results of the matches are known in advance.
8. The best players of the teams are usually in the best form.
9. The leaders of the clubs are often injured.
10. The football is played in the English championship.
11. The competition is intense.
12. The number of clubs is large.
The Europa League has its fans too. The top clubs of the continent have a special interest in the tournament. The following clubs are the most successful in the Europa:
β€’ Manchester United;
β€’ β€’ Liverpool; and
β€’ Manchester City.
This is also the case with the Premier.
All the information on the English Championship can be found on the sports statistics website.
Football Results of the EPL
The English Premier league is one the most popular championships in the world, and there is a special attention paid to it. The English football season is long, and many matches are held at the same time.
Many people who follow the EFL Championship are fans of the top clubs. The EFL is the English Football League, and its main participants are the top-rated clubs.
There are several leagues in the Epl, but they are not equal. The champions of each league are awarded the title “Champion of England”.
The Epl is divided into four divisions:
Β· Premier League;
Β· Championship;
Β· League 1.
Each of the divisions has a champion. The champion of the championship is the winner of this division. The league 1 champion is the best player of the season.
Every year, the top teams play in the Champions league, which is a real tournament of the best clubs of Europe. The participants of this competition are the following clubs:
● Barcelona;
● Real Madrid;
● Liverpool;
● Bayern;
β€’ Juventus;
β€’ Chelsea.
These clubs are considered the main favorites of the competitions.
At the beginning of the football season, many clubs are in the middle of the standings. The struggle for the champion title is intense, and this is reflected in the results of football matches.
Most of the time, the teams play against each other, but sometimes they play against weaker teams. The outcome of the confrontation is decided by the result of the match.
If the team wins, it is considered a success. If the team loses, it can be called a failure.
Today, the Eredivisie is the strongest division of the Dutch league. The championship is held in the Netherlands, and clubs from all over the country participate in it.
EPL Results
The season of the League 1 started on the 1st of May.

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