Liverpool now have to buy another striker. But who and when?

The main question is: who should we buy?
There are a lot of options, but the main one is:
* a young player.
* an experienced player. The latter is the most expensive option, but he is not the best option for the club.

The cost of the player is also a big problem. The cost of a young striker is about 100 million euros. The price of an experienced one is about 200 million euros, but it is much more expensive.
The club has a lot to do in the transfer market, because the team is in a very bad shape. The previous season, the team lost to Barcelona in the Champions League.
However, the club is not in a bad shape in general. It is now the main contender for the title of the most powerful club in the world.
Where to find the results of the matches of the team?
It is easy to find out the results on the website of sports statistics. Here you can find the information about the matches, the statistics of the game, as well as the schedule of upcoming games.
This season, Barcelona has a rather difficult task. It has to win the Champions Cup, because it has already won the Cup of the Premier League. The Catalans have to do it in the next season.
At the moment, the main problem of the Catalans is the lack of motivation. The team has not won the Champions Trophy for a long time. This is the main reason for the lacklustre performance in the domestic arena.
In the next few seasons, the Catalonians will have to show a lot more and be more motivated.
Who will win the title in the future?
Barcelona is the current champion. It won the trophy for the second time in a row. The main favorite of the season is the team from the city of Barcelona.
Barça is a team that is very close to the main favorite. The club has the following advantages:
1. Good selection of players. The players of the club have a good understanding of each other.
2. Good teamwork. The coach of the Catalan team is a real genius. He knows how to use the whole team.
3. Good results. The last season, Barça managed to win all the trophies in the league and the cup.
It should be noted that the club has many problems, but in the current season, it is the best.
What are the chances of the Barcelona to win it all in the long run?
This is a very difficult task for the team, because Barcelona has many rivals. The following teams can be called its main competitors:
· Real Madrid;
·3. Manchester City;
4. Liverpool.
Each of these clubs is stronger than the team of Barcelona, but there are also many other clubs that can challenge it in a long run.
You can always follow the results and the results will be updated in real time.
How to follow the matches?
You should visit the website at any time of the day. It provides information about all the matches that are held in the Spanish league.
There is a lot that can be learned from the results. For example, the following:
• who is the favorite of each match?
• how the teams will play in the upcoming games?
All this information is available on the sports statistics website.
Will the team be able to win a third Champions Cup in a year?
Yes, the Barcelona is a strong team. It can win the Cup in the near future. However, it has to do a lot. The current season is not a good example of this.
As for the future, the players have to work more and improve their game. They have to find a way to get the motivation to win another trophy.
All the latest news on the Spanish football on
The season 2018/19 is in full swing. The Spanish La Liga is entering its final phase. The decisive games of the championship are still ahead.
Now, the fans can follow the livescore of the games on the
During the championship, the clubs are fighting for the right to enter the Champions’ Cup. The Catalan Barcelona is one of the main contenders for the trophy. It will have a difficult task, because Real Madrid and Atletico are also in the race for the Cup.
If the Catalonian team wins the Champions’ Cup, it will be the third time in the past four years.
Here, the teams have to fight for the main trophy of the Old Continent.
Latest La Liga results on fscores
The Spanish championship is entering the final stage. The teams are preparing for the decisive games. The fans can watch the results in realtime on the platform
The current season has already shown that the Catalons are not going to give up. The squad of Ernesto Valverde is one the strongest in the history of the Spanish championship.
Of course, the current team is not perfect. But the team has a good selection of performers.
For example, it includes:
● Messi;
●3.3. Bale;
•4.0. Suarez.
They are the main leaders of the squad.

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