Pochettino: “We must take the same street as last year”

By Football Italia staff

Inter’s situation is not getting any better, and the situation in the transfer market is also not getting better.
The situation is so bad that even the Italian press is starting to talk about the “Inter problem”.
This is a real mess, because now it’d be really difficult to get a replacement for the injured Cavani.
However, it‘s obvious that the situation is getting worse, and it”s clear that the club is not going to get out of it.
In the meantime, the situation has become so serious that the team’ head coach is even considering leaving the club.
Pochetino is not the only one who is considering leaving.
Inter is also in the middle of the crisis, and even the club’ leaders are considering leaving too.
“We must not lose points in matches, otherwise we’ll be in the same situation as we are now. We must take advantage of the situation and try to get back to the previous level”, stated the coach.
It’ s obvious that he’ m not going anywhere, because the situation at the club has become quite serious.
Therefore, the club needs to find a solution quickly, otherwise the situation will only get worse.

The first round of the Italian Serie A was a disaster for Inter, as the team lost to Roma.
Despite the fact that the game was really difficult for the team, the fans were not happy with the result.
Moreover, the team was defeated by Milan, which is another disaster for the club, as it lost to the Rossoneri.
Now, the Italian media is already talking about the situation of the club and the transfer ban.
According to the information, the ban is not a result of the match, but a result from the situation.
For example, the coach was fired, and now the club doesn’t have a replacement.
Also, the transfer policy of the team is not good, so the club can’ t get a good player for free.
As a result, the players have to pay a lot of money for the same.
That’ is why the situation with the team has become even worse. It’ ll be really interesting to see how the situation develops, because there’ re no more chances for the fans to watch the game.
You can always follow the situation on the website of sports statistics.
All the results of the matches of the first round can be found here.
On the website, you can find the information about the results, as well as the schedule of the upcoming games.
Thanks to the modern technology, you will be able to follow the development of events in real time.
Thus, you’ can see the results on the mobile phone, tablet and computer.
Fans can also follow the livescore on the site of sports analytics.
Here, the information is updated in real-time, so you can always find out the latest news.
Of course, this is not only about the Italian championship.
Other championships are also experiencing the situation like Inter.
There are no more transfers, and this is a serious problem for the Italian team.
At the moment, it seems that the coach is considering his position.
He needs a new coach, because he”ll need a new assistant coach. And the situation doesn”t look good for the new coach. It seems that he can” t get the right person, because they”re already talking of the dismissal of the head coach.

However it“s not the case. The club has a good team, and they’re not going away from the first position. They”ve got a lot to play for, so they“ll fight until the last match.
They”d need to win the match if they want to be in a good shape for the next season.
Meanwhile, the new season is already in the air, and we”m going to see a lot more interesting and tense matches.
So, the first rounds of the championship are already over, and there” s still a lot for Inter to play.
Visit the website to see the latest results of matches and to learn more about the team. The team has a lot at stake, so it‪ll do everything it can to win.
Follow the situation here, because it′s really important for the results.
We” re going to watch a lot interesting and intense matches, and you can follow the results here. It” ll be interesting to watch how the team will perform in the next matches. This is especially true for the matches against Roma and Milan.
If the team manages to win, then it›ll be really important, because then it will be a real chance to get into the Champions League.
Otherwise, the chances of getting into the Europa League will be very small.
But it‹s not just about the Champions league. The team needs to do its best in the domestic championship too. The main goal of the season is to get to the ChampionsLeague.

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