The Story of Paul Pogba told in pictures.

The player who was considered to be one of the main stars of the Old Continent has recently become a star of the Premier League. The player who has already managed to score 20 goals in the season has become a real sensation.
It is worth recalling that the player who joined Juventus in the summer of 2016 has already scored 20 goals. He managed to do it in the first season of the Italian championship. He became the top scorer of the Serie A in the second season, too.
He has already become a legend of the Turin club. The fans of the club have already called him “the Pogba”.
In the current season, the player has managed to become the top goalscorer of the league. He has already reached the 100 goals mark.

The fans of Juventus have already started to call him ‘the Pog’.
However, the main star of Juventus has not yet become a true legend of his team. It is worth remembering that the club has a number of stars in the team, but only one of them has managed not to get into the history books.
This is the player of the team who was called “The Lion” in the Old World. That is why the fans of this player are so excited.
What is the main reason for the success of Juventus?
The main reason of the success is the fact that the team has a good squad. The players of the Juventus are very good. They have already managed not only to score many goals, but also to win many trophies.
Among the trophies of the squad of the legendary club, we can highlight the following ones:
1. Champions League.
2. “Juventus” Cup.
3. Supercoppa Italiana.
4. Coppa Italia.
5. European Cup.
6. Intertoto Cup. This is the club’s most prestigious trophy.
7. Serie A.
8. Europa League. This is another club”s most precious trophy. It is the best club tournament in the world.
9. Champions Cup. The club has won it three times.
10. Coppa del Mio.
11. Supercoppe.
12. Super Cup. It was won by the team three times, including this one.
13. Coppe d’Italia. This trophy was won for the second time in the last season.
14. Supercategoria.
15. Supercup.
16. Super Categoria Cup. In this tournament, the club won it for the third time.
17. Coppi. This club won the trophy for the fourth time. The club won this trophy for a record fourth time in a row.
18. Super cup.
19. Super categoria cup. This tournament is won by Juventus for the sixth time. This record is held by the club for the fifth time. It has won the tournament for a sixth time in all.
20. Coaches’ Cup. Juventus has won this tournament for the eighth time. The team has won for a ninth time in total.
21. Super cups.
22. Coaching awards.
23. Coopers.
24. Juventus stars.
25. Juventus legends.
26. Juventus haters.
27. Juventus fans.
28. Juventus team.
29. Juventus history.
All this is a proof that the Old Signora has a great squad. It can play with any team. The main star who has helped the club to become a great club is the legendary player, Cristiano Ronaldo.
You can follow the livescore of the game of Juventus on the website of sports statistics. Here you will find only reliable information about the game.
Who is the most likely to win the title of the best team in the Premier league?
In this season, Manchester United is the team that is most likely not to win any trophy. The reason for this is the following:
* The team is not in the best shape.
* The players are not in good shape. They are tired of losing points in every match.
If the team manages to win one trophy, then it will be a great success. However, if the team fails to win a trophy, it will not be a real success.
There are many reasons for this. The most important one is the bad form of the players of Manchester United.
They have not been able to win in the English Premier League for a long time. In the previous season, they managed to win only the Champions League and Europa League, but not the English League. This was the main failure of the Manchester United in the current campaign.
Manchester United is a team that has many stars, but they are not able to achieve the desired results. The failure of this team is obvious.
Why do Manchester United fans love the player?
Manchester City is another team that can be called a great team. However the fans are not so enthusiastic about the club.
Many of the fans believe that the players and the team are not good. This can be the reason for their failure in the championship.
Fans of Manchester City are not happy with the team.

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